The Apartment Diaries: First Weekend Back At Level 3

Well New Zealand had a bit of a shock this week. Tuesday night, 9.30 (I was in a pub, enjoying being social) we hear that a family in the community has covid-19 so we’re locking it all back down again. Thank god I got in one last lot of drinks with some mates aye?

So this weekend I have only been out of my apartment for essential shopping and essential exercise (which has taken most of my weekend). I navigated buying things online then having them brought out to my car (drive & collect), spent far too many hours trying to find the right face mask online, only did half the housework on my list, but hit my exercise goals both days of the weekend.

I have barely spoken to another human being all weekend, but I’ve been busy enough that I could do with a longer weekend still. What I have achieved that I haven’t been achieving at level 1, is actually sitting down and doing some writing (like the blog). So that was one achievement.

For my readers outside NZ, a little insight into what things are like right now: the mood in NZ is a bit anxious. While at level 3 a degree of business can still be kept running and is probably similar to what many countries everyday living is like right now – people here are scared that the government will decide it’s not enough and do a second full level 4 lockdown. The last one caused huge economic loss, so everyone is hoping that it can be contained under a level 3.

People also feel a bit disheartened and betrayed that it looked like we had this under control. but now it’s becoming apparent that there has been some slippage at the border. They are also very angry with the people who have tried escaping quarantine, as a lot of sacrifice has been made by the team of 5 million and those escapees are individuals they can identify that have put the whole country at risk.

I know I’ll be relieved when we have this back under control and can go down a level, but the apartment walls haven’t closed in on me just yet.

Krystal xx

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