The Apartment Diaries: Low Cost Heating

The last few weeks, apartment living has become apartment hell with noisy building works being done right outside my window and the outlook being obscured by scaffolding and plastic. Coming into the colder weather, this darkened space has provided its sharing of lighting and heating issues, so in this week’s apartment I want to look at how to stay cozy and happy in a otherwise dark cold apartment.

One thing I’ve discovered is an electric water bottle, instead of having to use a kettle an continue to refill with hot water, this hot water bottle just need charging for about 10 minutes and lasts for up to 8 hours. Making it a pretty cost efficient option for snuggly warmth when watching TV or in bed, and runs no risk of boiling water leakage. If you pay water rates there’s also the bonus of that no water is used.

I’m also using my living room for workouts more as the weather gets colder because who wants to go for a jog in the wind and rain? And believe me there is no need for heating for a while after an intensive workout.

The biggest issue I’ve found is washing clothes. With no outdoor living I’ve always had to line dry in the living room. But with no warmth and sunshine, how do you get them dry and not have too much moisture floating around?

There is of course the easy answer of a dryer, but with fragile fabrics, a dryer will eventually turn them to shreds. So I tried a dehumidifier and using a heater. These do help but are probably even less energy efficient that using a dryer. So the best solution I’ve found is using a dryer for the more robust clothes and then triple lining the more delicate fabrics and timing for the same time as you’ll already have the heater on. Multitasking at it’s finest.

So a bit of a segue this week but another apartment diary done.

Krystal xx

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