The Apartment Diaries: What Can Happen In 24 Hours

The world has locked down and the love of my life (travel) has disappeared, while the second love of my life (beauty) seems to only appear when video chatting. So what is a blogger to do, when her loves are somewhat less present that usual?

The answer came to me as I walked through the door of my inner city apartment after returning to it for level 3. Bring the world into my little bubble. It was instantly obvious to me that living in a tiny city apartment during a period of lockdown was going to have its challenges and why not share these experiences either to amuse or commiserate with others.

In the apartment I’m in, I’ve kept it pretty small and contained because I travel a lot and basically just need a hotel room I keep permanently. The place is also fully furnished and minutes walk from everything. So usually it’s ideal. But like with any place, things can go wrong and it all seemed to after I arrived back.

After traveling I had to sanitize everything as a precaution against some pesky little virus that’s going around. In a larger home with outdoor living this wouldn’t be a problem, but it hadn’t occurred to me until I got back to my apartment that I had about a square foot of carpet to clean my suitcase on and hang a clothes rack. There was no outdoor space to put these things and it was literally an obstacle course to get to my draws, my desk or anywhere else I needed to get to within my bedroom and living space.

Then I was foolish enough to look in my well stocked freezer for some lunch. I’d purposely stocked it well before we locked down so I didn’t have to immediately navigate the supermarkets upon my return. But mysteriously, some of the food had defrosted, while everything remained frozen. And of course it was the more perishable items that had defrosted. With no idea how long they had been like that, I was suddenly confronted with deciding if they were safe to eat and when I decided they were now needing to come up with some things to cook them in. And all I wanted was some lunch.

After a day of traveling, cooking and climbing over the obstacle course of all the things I was cleaning. I jumped into bed, soooo ready for sleep. But my apartment is not quite done messing with me and one of the mattress boards collapsed, leaving the bed sagging in the middle. Fortunately being someone with a little ingenuity, I manage to fix it. But you can bet I’m cursing up a storm in my head the entire time.

So for a place that was supposed to be all set for me coming home, it wasn’t quite the first day back I planned. Keep an eye out for my next apartment diary as I continue to journal what it’s like being in an apartment in a time where we’re all staying inside.

Krystal xx

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