The Secret To Successful New Years’ Resolutions

people jumping on shore front of golden hour
Photo from Unsplash

We’re now a week into the new year (yes congratulations you survived), but how are those new year resolutions looking? January is the month of people signing up for expensive memberships and other schemes in hopes it will create a better happier them. But I’ve found the secret to happiness isn’t in spending lots of money and having challenging goals, but in smaller more achievable steps.

Instead of saying “I want to lose 10 pounds this year” which is a long term goal that will have you watching the scales and likely experiencing some self-loathing, anxiety and feelings of failure if the weight doesn’t melt away. Honestly examine the place you are in right now and identify a couple of changes you could make such as “this year I am going to reduce my carb intake and be more active.” This is easier to achieve as it isn’t such an absolute and your success in achieving it will likely spur you to keep going. This more successful mindset will also keep you in a more positive mental state which has additional benefits on health and wellbeing as well as things like motivation.

When making a goal, also be honest with yourself, about whether this is something you’re wanting to do for you or because you think you have to for some other reason. If you’re doing it for the right reasons, you’re also more likely to be motivated to put the work in and thus succeed.

So may 2020 be a year of success for you,
Krystal xx

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