How To Be A Better You This New Year

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Another year has come and gone, once again we’ve made New Years resolutions, but as January comes to a close no doubt many are already failing. Here are some simple tips to help improve on your already wonderful self this year.

1. Health

It’s not always about a diet, but making sure there is plenty of fruit and vege in your day is a good start. Then look at portion sizes and how much sugar and fat you’re consuming. Baby steps are more likely to result in good lasting habits.

2. Make Time To Enjoy Life

We work incredibly hard to give ourselves enough money to enjoy life – but often we forget to just stop and smell the roses. Make time. Priories the most urgent work and leave on time at the end of the day. Set aside time to do those things you always say you’re too busy for. And make an effort to live in the present as well as planning for the future.

3. Mental Health

Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest mental health complaints. Put things into perspective (will the world end if you don’t achieve this?) and take some time out to practice whatever form of mindfulness works for you.

4. The Environment

Evaluate how you can make the world around you a better place too. Whether it’s using a reusable coffee cup, not using single use plastic bags, making an effort to only buy consumables in recyclable packaging or trying something completely new like the waste free period. There are so many ways we can get the planet into better shape with just a few small changes.

Have you made any resolutions or small changes to your life? Comment below.

Krystal xx

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