Travel Guide: Christmas In New York

At the time of writing this, it is December 1st and we’ve just put up our Christmas Tree and are getting ready to decorate the rest of the house. This time last year, we were getting ready to spend Christmas in New York, so the tree was all we put up. But onto the actual article: a guide the Christmas in New York.

Santaland/Macy’s (Herald Square)

We went as a group of adults, but we still went to Santaland. It is kind of like walking through a short north pole stage set. But it didn’t have quite the Christmas magic I was expecting. At the end you can go and see one of several Santa’s, but we left that bit for the kids.

Macy’s as a department store is 11 floors and has a lot to offer. I spent most of my time looking at Christmas decorations, clothes and make up.


Santaland – Macy’s

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue has several shops that dress their windows for Christmas. However they aren’t all Christmas themed. Fifth Avenue also provides access to the Rockefeller Center which has the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree and ice rink. This is a show stopper in the evening because it looks most impressive when the tree is lit up in the dark. Facing it on the other side of Fifth Avenue is also the Sax light show, which adds to the festive feel.


Rockefeller Christmas Tree


Sax Fifth Avenue Light Show

Sixth Avenue

Head out through Rockefeller to Sixth Avenue and you will be by Radio City Music Hall. Here sits the giant baubles in front of the Exxon Building. There is also a few other light up displays nearby, such as the Reindeer in front of the Fox Building.





Empire State Building

The top part of the Empire State Building also lights up in red and green for the festive season.


Empire State Building

Christmas in New York is not the family sitting around the festive meal in a cozy picture book house. In fact it is a good idea to check what places are open Christmas day. We ended up having pizza – which while delicious wasn’t particularly festive. However we did see some amazing iconic sights. It is also worth remembering that it is really cold so dress warmly.


Krystal xx

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