Travel Guide: Switzerland – Lucerne, Engelberg, Swiss Alps, Mount Titlis

Switzerland wasn’t somewhere I’d ever really thought about visiting, until I did a European tour that stopped there. After visiting, it is somewhere I would definitely want to visit again. The tour I went on primarily stopped in Lucerne and from there went up to the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland (20).JPG

City Center

Lucerne is a gorgeous town. It has an old regal presence, mixed with richness, modernity and gorgeous waterfront sites. In the main hub there is several places that you can discover swiss-made watches, eat swiss chocolate and walk alongside the water. The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), is said to be one of the oldest covered bridges standing today and also showcases stunning views of each side of the Reuss River.

Switzerland (4).JPG

Chapel Bridge

Close by is Lake Lucerne (south side), which from this side has a stunning waterfront with botanicals, hotels, eateries and water features. Following it around the large water fountain and train station, there is several stalls in the station for more affordable eating and a large railway station which is a central hub in Lucerne for domestic and international travel.

Switzerland (38)

Lake Lucerne

In Lucerne, we also saw the Lion Monument, giant dying lion carved out of a wall of sandstone rock. It was designed as a memorial for Swiss soldiers, who lost their lives during the French Revolution. It is said that the outline of the memorial is carved like a pig to show the artist’s objections to being rushed then not being paid in full, while creating the monument.

Switzerland (71).JPG

Lion Monument

Outside of Lucerne, we travelled to Engelberg then up to Mount Titlis. Heading up the mountain required a gondola and a 360 degree cable car. I enjoyed the gondola but the 360 degree cable car provided lacklustre views, between the number of people and windows that needed a good clean. The gondola also had windows that were scratched, but when I went there was also a window I could open and stick the camera out (for memory).

Switzerland (63).JPG

View From Gondola

Standing on the mountain, there was snow and beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding alps and alpine towns in the distance. You could go for a walk up the mountain, do the cliff walk (including Europe’s highest suspension bridge) and do the ice flyer. In summer, the ice flyer takes you to the glacier park and up to the ski slopes in winter. In the mountain station there were also places to eat, shop and a glacier cave.

Switzerland (6).JPG

View From Mount Titlis

Switzerland was gorgeous, and I want to go back and visit more cities. Please comment below if you have any you particularly recommend. Other things to note, it that it is quite an expensive place. They also accept both Swiss Francs and Euros. At the time I went Swiss Francs were better value, but it all depends on conversion rates. It was also a place where shops closed more often (ie Sundays), particularly outside the tourist hub. There was also a fabulous sense of history and culture. For next time I would brush up on my German though.

Switzerland (41).JPG


Krystal xx

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