It’s Never Too Late To Start Getting Fit

Athletic man and woman

I’ve spent years at University, then worked a lot of late night shifts. Getting fit and eating healthy went by the wayside for a while. But this year I’ve decided to bite the bullet and tone up my body to bring it back to where it once was. But starting and maintaining it can be a challenge, even if you’re only looking at a small change.


Most likely, you’re going to need to make some changes to your diet and that can be hard, especially if you’re a chocoholic when you’re tired like me. I find that making changes gradually and getting used to them is far more effective than a crash diet. While it doesn’t give instant results (but what does really) changing your habits over time is a much more effective way of maintaining those habits and not being driven to a binge because you deprived yourself of all the food you like at once.


The other big change you’ll probably need to make is increasing your fitness. Joining a sport or having regularly booked sessions with a personal trainer or working out with a friend who has the same goals are the most effective ways I’ve found of staying on track. A personal trainer can also create a routine that will maximize the benefits for you. If time or money is an issue, there are still plenty of exercises you can do at home and walking or running around your neighborhood costs nothing. But ultimately, if you enjoy it or are motivated to do it, you’ll find it easier to get in the level of exercise you are trying to obtain.


A big challenge we all face is motivation. Find motivation through finding food and exercise you enjoy, work with friends and motivate each other and document your progress so you can see the changes happening. There are some great apps you can use too.

So whether it’s toning or shedding the weight. It’s never too late to start getting fit.

Krystal xx

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