Is Amazon Smile Worth Smiling About?

Amazon has started a new initiative called Amazon Smile. When shoppers shop on instead of, 0.5% of the price of the item they are purchasing will be donated to their chosen charity.

There are several charities to choose from. Amazon spotlights a few major ones, but you can also search for others. There is no alphabetized list to look at, but searching a keyword of interest such as ‘cancer’ or ‘kids’ will likely bring up most charities that support your chosen area of interest.

The site uses a separate URL which Amazon makes a vague mention towards being because it is not advertising funded. However, murmurs on the internet suggest the separate URL makes shoppers less likely to remember to shop on it, thus saving Amazon money while projecting a socially conscious image. Others have also suggested it is a move to counteract how many people search Amazon through Google and instead require people to use Amazon’s search engine.

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