Predictions: Will Harry and Meghan last?

1516909803-meghan-and-harryMeghan Markle is set to join the royal family on May 19. But questions have been raised about how long this marriage will last. Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are children of divorce and controversy surrounds Markle’s relationship with her family.

Last year Markle spend Christmas with the royal family and her fiancée was quoted saying that they were the family Markle never had. Markle’s brother however has said Markle was close to her family until she became famous. Her brother Thomas Markle, has further penned a letter to Prince Harry, blaming Meghan Markle for her father’s bankruptcy and expressing disgust that her family weren’t invited to her wedding. Other sources have suggested that Markle’s parents will be in attendance.

This union will also partially make history with Markle being common and American. But many have said that this union is just what the royal family needs to show they are part of the twenty first century. And one would think, if it’s defying tradition, surely, they must be marrying for love. But only time will truly tell.

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