Political Opinion: The NZ General Election

A quick commentary on some of the political commentary surround New Zealand’s election.


I think the surprise in this election was The Opportunities Party (TOP), run by older gentleman Garth Morgan, the party’s promises which include helping support young people and getting the richest ¼ of elderly to pay for it, has given the party a surprising amount of traction with young people. While they did not get any seats in this election, I think they are one to watch.

The Maori Party and the Maori Seats

The Maori Party gained no seats in this election with all the Maori Seats going to Maori Labour MP’s. There has been two schools of thought around this, one being that Maori have come home to Labour and the second being that the Maori Party have been tainted by their association with National. I tend to agree with the first school of thought. If the Maori Party had been tainted by their association with National, they would have lost their seats before now. I think Labour just put forward stronger competition for the Maori Seats.

A Labour/National Government

Has MMP outlived it usefulness? Has been another question thrown around this week. If NZ First did not agree to a coalition with either National or Labour (with Greens), then it would have to be a National/Labour coalition. And with this train of thought has also come the question of whether first past the post was a better election system.

A National/Green Government

With left Greens form a coalition with right National if National does not wish to work with NZ First. I don’t see this being a harmonious coalition, nor do I see it fitting the Greens party ethics. But only time will tell.

Winston Peters

He’s called the Kingmaker because he often is the deciding force as to which party governs, but what struck me is that he’s in his 70’s. How much longer will he be the King?

Jacinta Ardern

She has impressed me so much, coming in at the last minute she has given Labour the momentum they have been missing. With 3 years now to make the policies her own, I can see her being the next Prime Minister of New Zealand,

It feels like it is time for some changes in New Zealand politics. But what those changes are is still in question.

Krystal xx

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