Gaming For The Non-Gamer

Hasn’t it been a long time. I’ve been so busy doing other people’s online stuff I haven’t had time for my own.

Today’s article is about gaming for the non-gamer.

I am not a gamer, but I am rather fond of a game called Disney Magic Kingdoms (DMK). It brings back the Disney nostalgia from my childhood and gives me my very own interactive Disneyland on my phone. While there are limited time events to get things like new characters. I feel this is a game you can play at a relaxed pace and play more intermittently without missing out on much in terms of content or losing any skill.

Other phone games I like to play (on places like the train) are the King games. My personal preferences are Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. They’re easy but like DMK you need to apply some strategy to get to the end more quickly.

Asphalt 8 is a more interactive game for the non-gamer and takes one back to the old PC car racing games, but with some very new and very fancy looking cars.

Another more well known game is Angry Birds. I particularly like the Rio edition. With a lazy flick of a finger you can work on your anger management issues.

And finally, for interactive cuteness; Happy Jump. This cupcake style version of Doodle Jump is deliciously tempting.

So even if you aren’t a gamer, It doesn’t mean you can’t play games. But the games above require less team involvement, keyboard trigger fingers and digital guns.

Krystal x

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