It’s Not A Customer’s Right To Be Rude

I am that person behind the counter that you won’t remember tomorrow. I am that person that stands there patiently while you talk on the phone. I am that person you yell at even though I didn’t write company policy.

Now most people aren’t like that. But when I go to work on a Saturday, I am honestly appalled at the lack of etiquette displayed by some people.

Guide to being a decent customer:

  1. Don’t talk on the phone when you go up to pay. We need to have a dialogue about whether you’re on our loyalty program and how much your purchase will cost. Chances are, if I hand you the efpos, once you get off the phone, you’ll come back because you are on the loyalty program and you’ll want me to redo your purchase.
  2. Don’t throw a tantrum. Yes it’s not sucks that your damage won’t be fixed under warranty. But that’s company policy. Yelling at me isn’t going to change that.
  3. Don’t leave a mess. “Oh you don’t mind cleaning up my bags do you?” Actually yes I do when you’ve strewn them across the store then suddenly changed your mind. Do you leave your house in that mess?
  4. Don’t want a refund or exchange without the receipt. You get given a receipt with every purchase, surely by now you’ve realised you need it if you want to return something. I don’t care if it looks like our stock. Where is the proof you brought it legitimately from us?
  5. Don’t be the person with screaming children. Get them out of here, you’re making the more valued customers leave because you can’t control your children. On that note, stop your children from trying to eat the stock as well please. We don’t actually sell food.

I promise, if you avoid these retail faux pas I promise you will get better customer service and people who will try to help you to the best of their ability.

So next time you’re in shop, stop and ask yourself. Are you a bad customer?

Krystal xx

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