A Mac & Cheese Experiment

Who doesn’t love a good old Mac & Cheese. It’s a classic. But many newer recipes seem to include all sorts of extras. So I decided to explore the world of flavours that could potentially enhance that Mac & Cheese to see if they transformed the classic dish and here is what I found.

Adding Meat

If you are a meat lover this is a fantastic way to add flavour. Bacon and chicken would be the two meats I would add. But go with what you fancy.

Adding Garlic

It seems to be included a lot in newer recipes, but I am not a fan. For me it takes away from the classic flavour.

The Choice of Cheese

Should you just use Cheddar or maybe 4 different cheeses? Either is fine. If you want a stronger cheese flavour, incorporate a cheese like Parmesan. If you want a classic flavour use Cheddar. I also enjoy the smooth sauce that comes from using Edam. Bottom line is, use the cheese you like the flavour of best.

Adding Cream

Adding cream can definitely add a richness to your sauce, but it isn’t needed.

Getting the Perfect Roux at the Start

Definitely helps prevent lumpy cheese sauce.

Adding Mustard & Pepper

Some say it gives it a kick, some can’t taste it. Throw it in if you want to.

Adding Seeds as a Form of Seasoning/Crumbing

Still use your bread crumbs, but this is a nice healthy way to add a little flavour and is also vegetarian friendly.


I think the classic Mac & Cheese still takes the prize overall, but the seeds and meat are a nice flavoursome addition.

Krystal xx

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