6 Cheats to Reduce the Make Up in Your Handbag

We’ve all had that problem where we have the pretty but tiny clutch bag and more make up than can fit in it or that beauty problem but no product on hand to fix it. Here are 6 make up cheats to help minimize to the most useful products when you can’t take your whole make up bag.


  1. Have a nude eyeshadow palette in your handbag. This can act as an eyeshadow, a face contour, a concealer and with a little lip balm and lip gloss when you’re short on space in your handbag.
  2. Lipstick doesn’t just have to be for lips, it can also make an emergency blush/bronzer if a shade of red, pink or brown.
  3. Carry around pawpaw ointment, it can be lip balm, soothe skin irritations, burns and wounds and help act as a barrier to prevent things such as chafing. If you’re not a fan of pawpaw ointment, there are everything type balms which companies such as Lush and Antipodes have also released.
  4. Carry a clear nail polish in your handbag or even better a product such as Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails. It can act as a nail polish, nail glue and prevent holes in clothes and ladders in stocking from growing any bigger if painted over the frayed fabric.
  5. Tinted lip balm is useful to carry around if you want a more natural colour or don’t have space for both lip balm and lipstick in your bag.
  6. Eyeliner, mascara, concealer and a lipstick can become concealer/foundation, lipstick/blush, eyeliner/eyeshadow and mascara/brow mascara.

Happy minimizing

Krystal xx



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