3 Cheap Make Up Brands Alternatives

I love finding drugstore makeup that performs like high end makeup. But I also love finding ‘cheap’ makeup that lasts like good quality drugstore makeup. So here are my top 3 finds:

miki.jpgMiki: Miki is often found for under $5. Their top performing product would be their nail polishes, which last just as well as any drugstore nail polish but for a cheaper price. They also do a blush and bronzer that competes with the Maybelline Fit Me range. Miki’s eyeliner formula could use some work though.

essence_logo_glow.pngEssence: I love Chi Chi eyeliners; they were my go to until I discovered Essence which does almost identical looking eyeliners for a quarter of the price. Essence does a variety of other great eye products too. However, Chi Chi’s eyeshadow range is better and Chi Chi also has a lipstick range with superior lasting powder and better foundation choices.

la-girlLA Girl: LA Girl has a fantastic range of eyeshadow palettes and gel eyeliners. They also have some great lip choices too. They are a couple of dollars dearer than Miki or Essence but still cheaper than typical drugstore brands and probably the biggest competition.

There are some things that I prefer to get from a particular brand and some things these cheaper brands have yet to try (like contouring palettes). But certain products these brands produce are already make the more expensive alternatives look unattractive.

Krystal xx

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