Travel Hotspot: Los Angeles

Los Angeles would have to be one of the most famous cities in the world and with good reason. It is the home of Hollywood, many people of influence and has a lot to offer.

IMG_2006.JPGLos Angeles can be divided into several parts, for example Hollywood and downtown LA. Each part has a completely different experience and look to offer. We did the whirlwind tour of LA, so I do hope to get back there one day soon.

What we focused on was the big attractions and theme parks. The 5 that come to mind are Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Knott’s Berry Farm. My recommendation would be to do Disneyland last and IMG_2090.JPGUniversal second to last because these would be the two biggest attractions (with Disneyland obviously being the biggest) and doing your theme parks this way means each day is more impressive than the last. A lot of people do Disneyland first and then say they find the rest of the parks not as exciting in comparison, so start small. I would also say allow a full day for each, except Disneyland where I would allow 2-3, depending on if you are doing just Disneyland or the adjourning California Adventure Park as well.

IMG_2299.JPGSo for those not familiar with California Adventure Park, it has been described as the Disneyland for adults as it includes a few more thrill seeking rides. However, I feel like it is really just an extension of Disneyland, though I find the original Disneyland IMG_2596.JPGhas a bit more of a magical feel to it for me. So I’d recommend Disneyland itself if you only have time to do one, but both are worth a visit.

That is a lot of theme parks though, so we try to either take enough time that we can go to a theme park each second day and do things like sightseeing and shopping on the other days. Or do half when we first arrive, then visit other cities/countries, then half on the way back through, before heading home.


Happy Travels

Krystal xx


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