Travel Hotspot: Paris

I was talking to a colleague at work today and it came up about how much I love France, particularly Paris. So for my first travel hotspot it only seemed fitting to cover one of my favourite cities.

France (28)When I think about Paris, the first thing I think about is the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower or le Tour Eiffel. Driving into the city and seeing the tall structure in the distance for the first time was surprisingly magical. Then seeing it up close was also pretty exciting. But the most magical would be seeing it lit up at night from the Trocadéro. There was definitely a magical atmosphere there. I will say there is nothing like seeing it for yourself. I’ve seen so many pictures and never thought twice about it, but seeing the Eiffel Tower in the person really brought home the message that I had made it to Paris.

IMG_5554 (2)

Paris has so many fantastic sites to see, and plenty within walking distance of each other. From great museums and art galleries like the Louvre, to the Notre Dame to further out places such as the Palace of Versailles. If you have time, I also recommend walking the city streets and trying food from slightly outside the touristy areas. You get a real sense of the real Paris that way and in some ways that is more beautiful than the glitzy touristy Paris.

IMG_5344 (2)Along with many museums and art galleries there is also several gardens in Paris, so if you love a pretty garden, you’ll have plenty of choice. I spent the most time in le Jardin des Tuileries because it is conveniently located right beside the Louvre where I also spent a bit of time.

IMG_5317 (2).JPGThe Seine is also a site to see as is L’Arc de Triomphe. The roundabout where the arch stands is also the most intimidating roundabout I have been on in my life. While you’re there you should also check out the Champs-Élysées. There are of course many great places to shop in Paris as well.

IMG_5277 (2)There is so much to see in Paris and if you are short on time I’d recommend a bus tour like Big Bus tours. They are fantastic for getting around all the biggest attractions. If you’re trying to cut time or costs, also remember that you can sometimes see all you need from the outside.

And finally, remember to keep money and any other valuables concealed under your clothes so you don’t lose them.

Krystal xx

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