Why The Words Natural And Mineral Are Misleading

Many beauty brands use terms like natural and mineral in either their product and/or brand name to create the illusion that their product is made with many of the earth’s natural products. But the FDA actually has no classification as to what natural or mineral means or what percentage of a product must be natural or mineral to be classified as such.

Natural products have a certain degree of natural ingredients in them. But natural is not a regulated labelling term, therefore there is no official classification on what natural means. As a result, many natural products also have non-toxic or synthetic chemicals in them. Natural products with fragrance are particularly looked on with suspicion as most fragrances are formed from synthetic chemicals. Another trick with natural products is those with certified organic oil advertised on them. What this means is that the product is not organic, it just has an organic ingredient in it which they as pushing to try and make the product more competitive with the organic products. I’ve often found the organic ingredient in it to be a bit of a trending oil such as rosehip oil or chia seed oil.

Mineral products contain ingredients such as iron oxides, mica, and titanium dioxides and other mineral elements. Traditional skincare and make up products can contain these as well but are also more likely to have synthetic fragrances, paraben, glycerin, or alcohol in them as well. It is however important to look at the ingredients on any mineral product as sometimes companies may include ingredients such as alcohol in them as this is not an regulated product term. Mineral make up is also not as natural as it sounds, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Ingredients such as titanium dioxide are created in the lab. Titanium dioxide does begin as raw titanium but then undergoes an extraction and purification process in a lab. This process is necessary as there is no source of natural titanium that is pure enough to be safely used in cosmetics. This process removes any elements such as mercury or lead that could be contaminating the titanium and makes the element safe to use on our skin.

So these products are still better alternatives to traditional beauty products, but when you are picking your cosmetics, be aware that just because it says natural does not mean there aren’t still chemicals hiding in there.

Krystal xx

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